Especially for the holders of co-branded Visa Classic CCB-Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria Air offers the following discounts:

  • 3% discount on the full cost of the air ticket when purchased by Visa Classic CCB-Bulgaria Air on the territory of Bulgaria or on the airline website;
  • 5% discount on the purchase of goods aboard Bulgaria Air aircraft during a flight by Visa Classic CCB-Bulgaria Air;
  • Inclusion in the Bulgaria Air FLY MORE loyal passenger program*;
  • Free carriage of two pieces of baggage on each flight operated by Bulgaria Air. Each of the two pieces of baggage can be up to 23 kg in weight**.

* In order to join the participate in the Bulgaria Air FLY MORE loyalty program, you should, after the card issuance, contact Bulgaria via email to

**In order to take advantage of this option, after the issue of the airline ticket you should contact the Bulgaria Air Call Center on 02/40 20 400 or write to to re-validate your ticket and indicate the right to extra baggage.

** The free baggage preference does not apply if the ticket is bought at No Checked Baggage Rate.

The discount on the purchase of an airline ticket is accrued as cash back on your card until the 10th of the month following the month of purchase.

Your Visa Classic CCB Bulgaria Air offers you favourable financial terms:

    • Grace period - up to 45 days for all card transactions (withdrawals, payments and transfers);
    • Favourable interest rate outside the grace period - 15%* per annum in BGN, EUR and USD;
    • Annual fee of BGN 40;
    • No issuance fee;
    • No purchase fees - in the points of purchase both in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as on the Internet;
    • Free SMS notification every month - providing information about the payables on the card;
    • Freedom to repay any amount spent on your credit card: you can deposit the full amount covering your obligations by the end of the previous month, use the grace period or pay a minimum instalment;
    • Free insurance - When travelling abroad, you enjoy a free insurance coverage. Your bank will provide you with an insurance certificate along with your credit card. To activate your insurance, simply use your card in connection with the trip. If necessary, call +359 2 90 30 130. You will receive free medical care and protection from 22 types of insurance events worth up to USD 10,000**.

* The annual percentage rate of charge for a card with a credit limit of BGN 1,000 and an interest rate of 15.00% is 25.44% (at an annual fee of BGN 40). When calculating APR, the grace period is not taken into account for up to 45 days; it is assumed that the entire amount of the credit limit is utilized immediately and fully, is granted for a period of one year and is repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments.

Contactless payments by Visa Classic CCB - Bulgaria Air - because they are fast and convenient

The Visa Classic CCB - Bulgaria Air card features contactless payment functionality. By Visa you can withdraw money and make payments in the same way as by any other credit card. The contactless payment is extremely easy – simply tap the card near the POS and the payment is instantly made. When you are in a hurry and make a purchase for a small amount or do not want to wait for your change, the contactless payments are very convenient. These transactions are also free of charge and enjoy the same high level of security as the chip card payments.

Learn more about the benefits of contactless payments

Tariff for credit card payments

Limits for Visa credit card transactions in BGN, USD and EUR


For additional information:

  • *5050 (Call charges are based on the tariffs and policies of the customer's mobile operator. Calls to a short number may not be included in the free minute package for which CCB cannot be held responsible);
  • 02/9266 500, as well as in all offices of Central Cooperative Bank;
  • or write to us to

**The insurance policy is in effect according to the general conditions of the insurance policy and  shall be valid for persons up to 70 years old uncompleted.




You can get information about your card availability and payments at:

  • CCB Lite - mobile banking for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use the service completely free of charge. Easy to use, by CCB Lite you can monitor the movement on your bank accounts with CCB and order transfers between them, check for free the amount available on your cards and all the transactions made with them;
  • SMS notifications - you receive SMS with information on your account balance and the movements on it;
  • Internet Banking - With this service you can quickly and safely make real-time transactions with your funds without visiting a CCB office – you need a computer, an Internet connection, and a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

CCB services aimed at ensuring the security of your card:

We recommend that you use the additional services we offer to better protect your card:

  • The SMS Detective service provides you with protection against fraud and misuse of your card. You will receive an SMS immediately after using your card at the time of payment at a point of sale, on the Internet, or in case of cash withdrawals. If you receive a SMS for a transaction that you have not ordered, immediately call the bank's 24-hour phones to block your card;
  • With CCB E-Secure service you get extra protection when shopping online with your card. After signing up for the E-Secure service, when you shop on websites that accept payments via Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, you'll go through one additional step – you must enter an additional Internet payment password known to you only. This password is different from the CVV/CVC code and unlike it, it is not printed on the card. The password is not known to anyone and is not accessible in any form by the merchant, unlike the other card data entered upon the purchase;

Other Services

  • With the Credit Limit + service you have the option to make payments with your credit card in amounts exceeding the card credit limit. By the Credit Limit plus service, the credit card amount is added to the credit limit;
  • CashM - The CashM service allows you to send money to a selected recipient at any time of the day, even on a non-business day. You can order transfers at an ATM by your bank card issued by Central Cooperative Bank. The transfer can be withdrawn from an ATM immediately after it is ordered. The recipient is not required to have a bank account.

Learn more about the security of your money

In case of stolen or lost card

In case your card is stolen or lost, you have to contact us to block it. Call CCB 24/7:

  • *5050 (Call charges are based on the tariffs and policies of the customer’s mobile operator. Calls to a short number may not be included in the free minute package for which CCB cannot be held responsible);
  • 02/9266 500;
  • 0889934694.


CCB Club Loyalty Program

With your credit card, you can immediately join the CCB Club Loyalty Program of the Central Cooperative Bank. As a member of the program, you can take advantage of 20% discounts when purchasing at our partners LUKOIL, Bulgaria Air, HomeMax stores,,  COOP Trade Chain, Grand Optics, Joy Optics, Armeec, A1, Frant, Hush Puppies and BM Market.

The discounts are in the form of bonus points. They are added on the personal CCB Club Card. Order your club card now, if you still do not have one.

Upon the purchase you pay the full price and the points are added on the club card. You decide how to pay – in cash, by money transfer or by your CCB bank card.

You can make new purchases using the bonus points collected from all merchants. You decide when to use the points, for what and with which of the merchants who are members of CCB Club.

For more information, visit 

CCB Bonus Program

With your CCB credit card you receive discounts when purchasing with the merchants members of the CCB Bonus Program. The discount is received at the time of the purchase in more than 620 points of sale. Discover the exciting offers of CCB Bonus.