Increase your sales using the POS terminals of Central Cooperative Bank

CCB offers you the opportunity to optimize your costs and make it easier for your customers to buy goods and services by using bank cards.

  • You can accept payments by VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards;
  • No fee for terminal installation;
  • Free opening of a current account;
  • Flexible charging schemes depending on the POS turnover.

If you are a merchant and want to accept debit and credit card payments in your store or e-shop, the bank offers you the option of installing a POS terminal or a Virtual POS terminal for on-line payments directly on the website of your e-shop.

POS terminals

What are they and how they work?
POS terminals serve for making electronic payments, where the funds from the buyer’s bank account (cardholder) are transferred to the account of the merchant.

Types of POS terminals 

  • Stationary POS terminals with connection through a mobile operator
  • Portable POS terminals with connection through a mobile operator

Both types of terminals use GPRS communication, whereby the SIM card is provided and owned by the Bank. Typically, portable POS terminals are an ideal solution in restaurant and car rental business.

Important: One POS terminal always serves a single retail outlet, regardless of whether it is stationary or portable. With the portable POS terminal you are not allowed to serve a number of your stores.

Working principle

Upon payment, the terminal checks the validity of the card, connects with the card issuer, and if sufficient funds are available on the cardholder's account, prints a receipt and transfers the requested amount into the merchant's account.

E-store payment system

 What is it and how it works?
CCB offers you an option for on-line payment by bank cards for purchases from your e-shop. The customers enter the information of their cards on a special secure page. After verification of the validity and balance of the account, the payment is made:


The benefits to you from the new methods of utility bills payment are:

·         Accelerating the company's cash flow - the amounts will be credited to your organization's current account within 24 hours following of making the payment by the customer.

·         Reducing the cost of collecting the monthly bills paid by customers in cash at your company's cash desks;

·         Facilitating customers and improving the quality of the service you provide;

·         Gradually reducing your costs related to the payment of salaries.

More information on the Virtual POS Terminal

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