CCB AD opens current accounts in all offices of the Bank only upon the presentation of a request for opening an account and a valid identity document.

From one single payment account you can perform the following transactions at any Bank's office:

  • deposit and withdraw money;
  • make intra-bank transfers and payments;
  • make interbank transfers and payments in BGN and foreign currency.
  • Using the  Internet Banking system is an easy and convenient way to manage and operate with the funds on your accounts from the computer in your office or home.
  • You can monitor the status of your account by means of SMS notifications to your mobile phone if you are a subscriber to A1, Telenor, Vivacom. You do not need to visit the bank or make a phone call to receive information on the current balance and movements on your account.

Additional services related to your account
The benefits of your account with CCB

Take advantage of the attractive conditions and additional options of your CCB account:

  • Your account with CCB is multifunctional because through it you can use a number of banking services:
  • Debit card Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit
    • you can receive your salary on this account;
    • you can use the funds on your account via the card or directly from your account;
    • you can make domestic and international payments;
    • you can withdraw and deposit cash;
    • you realize savings at very advantageous interest rates without being limited by deadlines;
  • You can use credit-overdraft and consumer credit from Central Cooperative Bank.
  • You can take advantage of our attractive deposit offers on your accounts
  • Brochure "Questions and Answers on Deposit Insurance!

Fee Information Document Current Account 23 October 2023

Glossary of the terms related to the most representative services linked to a payment account

Payment Account With Basic Features

CCB AD opens a payment account with basic features in Bulgarian levs and intended to resident and non-resident natural persons residing legally in the European Union.

The following basic payment transactions may be executed on a payment account with basic features:

  • to deposit and withdraw money at any office of the Bank;
  • to execute intra-bank and interbank credit transfers in BGN and foreign currency, both in every Bank's office and via Internet Banking.

    Supplementary information:
  • You also receive a debit card Debit MasterCard Universal, so you can have your money at your disposal 24 hours a day;
  • Monitor online the movement on your bank account transactions by signing up for Internet Banking;
  • Obtain timely information on the account balance and card payments by registration for SMS notifications or email statements;
  • A payment account with basic features may not be used to service consumer and mortgage loans, and no overdraft is permitted thereon;
  • Each customer may hold only one account with basic features opened with the Bank;
  • No minimum account opening amount is required.

The Bank may refuse to open such an account where the customer already holds another payment account held with CCB AD or another bank on the territory of Bulgaria allowing the execution of the payment services referred to in Article 118 of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (PSPSA), as well as where the opening of the account violates the Measures Against Money Laundering Act (MAMLA) and the Measures against Financing of Terrorism Act (MAFTA).

Fee Information Document Payment Account with Basic Features 02.06.2023

Information Brochure on Payment Account with Basic Features of CCB AD 

Glossary of terms related to the most representative services linked to a payment account