The share capital of CCB AD currently amounts to BGN 127,129,970 and is divided into 127,129,970 shares with a par value of BGN 1 each. The shares are registered, dematerialized, ordinary, freely transferable and each share entitles its holder to one vote to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Bank's shares are traded on an official share market in "Premium" segment of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD. The Bank's main shareholder is Chimimport AD, which directly and through related parties within the meaning of the Public Offering of Securities Act controls over 75% of the votes of the General Meeting of Shareholders of CCB AD.

Structure of the share capital of CCB AD as at 30 September 2023:

CCB Group EAD  -  61.05%

Chimimport AD   -    8.24%

Armeec AD         -    7.07%

UPF Saglasie       -    6.98%