Money transfers from an account
CCB has a modern information system allowing payments between the Bank's clients to be made immediately at the time of the transfer. Regardless of whether you are transferring money to a beneficiary's account in the same office or another branch of the Bank, the transaction takes only a few minutes.
You can make money transfers from a current or deposit account with CCB, in BGN or in foreign currency.

Money transfers between branches without using an account

Even if you are not a customer of CCB, you can still transfer money to a person who does not hold a bank account as well. This transfer is considered a "postal money transfer" and you can take advantage of our internal bank payment system. Due to our well-developed branch network of more than 230 offices throughout the country, you can quickly, within a few minutes, send cash to anyone you want.
You only need to know the full name, PIN, address, and ID card details - number, date of issue and where and by whom it was issued.