• Maximum amount of 12 000
  • Interest rate of 6.95%
  • Period 1 year with automatic renewal option

You will receive Accident Insurance for free together with your overdraft.

Application consideration fee - BGN 20

The annual percentage rate of charge is 12.13% if assuming that an overdraft of BGN 2,000 is utilized immediately and at once, the authorized term is 1 year and the repayment is to be made in 12 equal monthly instalments at a floating interest rate of 6.95%, including a one-off fee for the consideration of the application of BGN 20 and a monthly card account service fee of BGN 2.50. The interest rate comprises the base reference interest rate on mortgage loans (BRIRML) for the relevant currency + a margin. The total amount due is BGN 2,126.86 and the monthly instalment is BGN 173.01. See Methodology of CCB for determining TRIRML on overdrafts to natural persons.

·         Loan application as per the model of the Bank 180.07 KB Download

·         pdf Letter from the employer – for customers who have not included contracts with the bank for payment of salaries

Automatic payment of utility bills
In addition to free money on your current account, with the overdraft we offer you the option of automatic payment of your monthly bills for electricity, telephone, heating, etc. All you have to do is to declare your decision to use the Periodic Bills Subscription.

Free Accident Insurance
Together with the overdraft, you also receive free Accident Insurance in your favour. The period of the insurance is equal to the period of the overdraft contract.

The amount of your insurance is determined by the amount of the overdraft:

Overdraft amount Insurance amount
From 100 to 500 BGN 500 BGN
Over 500 to 1 000 BGN 1 000 BGN
Over 1 000 to 1 500 BGN 1 500 BGN
Over 1 500 BGN 2 000 BGN