Instant payments to Blink P2P mobile number

Blink P2P from Central Cooperative Bank AD offers you the possibility to pay instantly to a mobile number with your relatives and friends, without the need to enter an IBAN.

The service is available to individual customers through the CCB Mobile mobile application, after initial registration for the service by both parties (recipient and originator).


  • icon With no need for the recipient's IBAN, transfers are made to a mobile number in seconds.
  • icon No fee for transfers up to BGN 100*
  • icon The fastest transfers in national currency

* Valid until 31.12.2024 when ordering Blink P2P transfers for amounts up to BGN 100.


  • icon Maximum transaction limitup to 500 BGN
  • icon Maximum 24-hour limit per amountup to 2 000 BGN
  • icon Maximum limit for 24 hours for number of transfersup to 10 pcs.

Instant payments are processed in real time in seconds.


Registration for the service is carried out remotely from the "Blink P2P" - "Settings" menu in the CCB Mobile mobile application by selecting an account for receiving instant transfers to a mobile number Blink P2P in the form of a current, savings or account for basic payment operations in BGN and mobile number. It is possible to register only one mobile number for receiving transfers to one account. A customer may have multiple registrations for the Blink P2P service by having more than one account and more than one mobile number.

Instant payments to a mobile number Blink P2P are only possible between customers, individuals, providers of payment services that are included and participate in the program of the National Card and Payment Scheme (NCPS), part of BORIKA AD. You can find a list of currently included DPUs here.