How can you become our trading partner for the "Goods on Credit" service

Central Cooperative Bank AD is pleased to present to your attention its "Goods on Credit" service. It is aimed at providing consumer loans to your customers for the purchase of goods from your company. Our service is extremely suitable for you if you offer furniture, black or white appliances, aluminium joinery, computers, mobile phones, etc.
In order to benefit from the service offered by CCB AD, it is necessary to meet to following conditions:

  • your company should have been operating for at least 1 year
  • your sales outlets should be equipped with computers with Internet access.

The requirements for clients to qualify for the loan are minimal - to have a permanent job and to work and live in the place where your store is located. There are no requirements for the submission of documents attesting the place of work or the amount of the monthly remuneration received.

If you take advantage of our offer, you will get the following benefits

More customers
With the "Goods on Credit" service you will be able to attract more customers who do not currently have the money to buy goods from you.
No risk to you
The risk that the borrowers may fail to pay the required instalments is borne by the Bank only.
No software costs
The exchange of information between the companies and the Bank regarding the credit applications is carried out through a specialized software accessed via the Internet. You do not need to install the software on your computers. Its application does not burden you with any purchase or use fees.
Fast data transfer
The information about the applications received and the loan approvals is transmitted between your office and the Bank via the Internet, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the loan extension process.
Option for joint promotion of the service
CCB AD will advertise the "Goods on Credit" service both on its web site and through other forms of promotion.
If you are interested in the service, you can contact us on 02/9266638 and 02/9266634 or email: or
We are expecting you!