CCB AD offers to its customers the conclusion of all types of insurances offered by Armeec Insurance Company, for which it has been authorized by the insurer according to the agency agreement concluded between the two companies.
The insurances are concluded in the bank's offices by the authorized officers.
If you want to conclude the insurance at CCB AD, it is necessary to visit the office of the Bank which is most convenient for you.
List of CCB offices
Some types of insurances which you can conclude at CCB AD:
" Property Insurance;
" Domestic Property Combined Insurance;
" Autocasco Insurance and Third Party Liability;
" Agricultural Crop and livestock Insurance;
" Accident Insurance, both individual and group;
" Tourist, medical and other types of insurances.
Joint products with Armeec Insurance Company
In cooperation with Armeec Insurance Company, we offer our customers flexible banking and insurance products under the competitive conditions of the Bulgarian market.
" Bank guarantees for international carriers using the TIR customs procedure with concluded insurance with Armeec Insurance Company
" Overdrafts on debit cards, with free Accident insurance for the borrower