Central Cooperative Bank AD has a two-tier form of management, including the Supervisory Board and the Management Board.
The Supervisory Board consists of four members and appoints the Management Board and a Procurator. The Management Board, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, appoints the Executive Directors.

Currently the Supervisory Board and the Management Board have the following members:

Supervisory Board
Ivo Kamenov Chairperson
Marin Mitev Member
Rayna Kuzmova Member
Central Cooperative Union, represented by Petar Stefanov Member
Management Board
Tsvetan Botev Deputy Chairperson
Nikola Kedev Executive Director
Georgi Konstantinov Executive Director
Sava Stoynov Executive Director
Georgi Kostov Executive Director
Aleksandar Kerezov Member
Prof. Biser Slavkov, PhD Member
Tihomir Atanasov