IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standard for an international number of a bank account.
IBAN was introduced in all member-states of the European Union. Bulgaria is the 43rd country in the world which has adopted IBAN.
Since 5.6.2006 the use of IBAN and BIC in the country are mandatory for the execution of local and trans-boundary payments.
The Central Cooperative Bank AD BIC code is CECBBGSF.

IBAN Structure
Each country that has introduced IBAN, defines for itself the form and length of accounts, as well as the maximum IBAN length can be up to 34 symbols.

In Bulgaria, the international accounts numbers - IBAN are 22 symbols in length, representing a sequence of 22 symbols of Arabic figures from 0 to 9 included and capital Latin letters from А to Z included.

IBAN Structure in Central Cooperative Bank AD:
BG XX CECB 9790 АААА АААА АА, thereof:

BG – Republic of Bulgaria code;
XX – control figure that serves for the check up of the account correctness;
CECB – the first 4 symbols of BIC (Bank Identification Code) of Central Cooperative Bank AD which is CECBBGSF;
9790 – branch number which for all Central Cooperative Bank AD branches is 9790;
АААА АААА АА – a sequence of figures and letters that identify the accounts of a certain bank customer, in a unique way.