CCB performs the international payments to its customers quickly and efficiently through a well-maintained global network of first-class correspondent banks and based on its participation in the major pan-European payment systems. CCB maintains nostro accounts in 14 of the major currencies and is able to perform transfers in more than 100 types of rare and exotic currencies based on special arrangements for multi-currency accounts with some of its correspondents.
Since 2008, CCB has been an indirect participant in SEPA payment system EBA STEP2 SCT for SEPA credit transfers in the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).
Since 2010, CCB has been a direct participant in BISERA7-EUR domestic SEPA payment system.
Since 2010, CCB has been a direct participant in TARGET2 Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System in Euro.
Being the main agent of Western Union, a global leader in payment services, since 2003 CCB has been providing Western Union fast money transfers in 266 of its branches and offices and through the Bank's Internet Banking Platform.
CCB offers high-quality banking services and expertise in the commercial financing of export, import and re-export transactions and operations related to international documentary letters of credit, documentary collections and bank guarantees.