SMS Detective is a CCB service that gives you the best protection against fraud and misuse of your card. SMS Detective gives you peace of mind and security for your money
Why SMS Detective is a really valuable service?
When you use your card, you receive a SMS notification immediately, at the time of payment or cash withdrawal. You are protected at all times and everywhere - 24 hours a day, not only in Bulgaria but also abroad;
With SMS Detective you avoid the concern that you can lose your money if your bank card gets stolen or falsified;
SMS Detective is an invaluable assistant if you have a credit or debit card. You feel secure when making payments on the Internet, when travelling abroad, or when shopping in Bulgaria.
Through SMS Detective you will receive SMS notifications on your mobile phone in case of:
Successful payments - date, time, ATM or POS information at the merchant, transaction type - payment or cash withdrawal, payment amount
Failed payments - the reason for the failure to make the payment
How to use SMS Detective?
You only need to have a cell phone. You can receive notifications about one or several credit or debit cards on one of your mobile phone numbers;
Activate your SMS Detective by visiting the Bank once and declare your wish to use the service. You can change your mobile phone number whenever you like;
Take advantage of the CCB AD service. If you already have a card with CCB AD, visit your closest and convenient bank office.
If you do not have a CCB debit or credit card, you can order your card here.
General Terms and Conditions of the service
How much do you pay for the SMS Detective service
SMS Detective guarantees the security of your money at the price of one card transaction:
Operator's fee - BGN 0.15 per SMS. The notification fee is automatically deducted from the deposit amount predetermined by you - BGN 5, 10, 20 or 50. It is deducted from your bank card at the time of your registration with the bank;
Subscription fee:
- BGN 5 per year for a Mastercard or Visa credit card;
- BGN 2 per year for a debit card.