Central Cooperative Bank AD provides the working capital you need, taking into account your needs and the movement of your cash flows when deciding on the type of loan.

Types of working capital loans offered by the Bank:

  • Working capital loan - short-term loan to cover usual current operating expenses. The loan is utilized as a one-off amount or in portions within the agreed term and is repaid according to a pre-agreed repayment schedule.
  • Credit Overdraft - a short-term working capital loan that entitles the Bank's customer to make payments over the available balance on their current account up to a certain limit within an agreed term. The use and repayment of the loan may be repeated, on a revolving basis, without requiring full utilization of the agreed amount. The amounts utilized will be automatically repaid by depositing funds on the account.

Deadline for repayment:

  • Working capital loan - maximum term of up to 36 months.
  • Credit Overdraft - repayment term of up to 12 months with the option of extending the loan for new twelve-month periods.

Interest rates:

Interest rates are floating and are determined depending on the credit risk, the amount of the loan and the type of currency.


Assets of the borrower or third parties, formed according to the statutory procedure, are accepted as collateral for working capital loans. The assets that can be accepted as collateral include:

  • Cash;
  • Real estate;
  • Movable property;
  • Third party receivables;
  • Guarantees, etc.