Enter the world of investments with one of the leading financial institutions in the field of investment intermediation – Central Cooperative Bank AD.

Right from the start, we strive to satisfy the needs of private and institutional investors by offering constantly evolving services. Our daily mission is to offer high quality and professionalism to enable our customers to make the most of the opportunities in the financial markets.

Mandatory for us is the fast market access and security that your money is always protected in full compliance with the regulations of the Financial Supervision Commission. Thus you make a step towards successful investment and financial independence with the support of a trusted business partner.

Start trading with Central Cooperative Bank:

Trading in financial instruments

Central Cooperative Bank AD has extensive experience in trading in Bulgarian government securities in BGN and foreign currency, as well as in trading on international capital markets.

To its clients - natural persons and companies - the Bank offers deals in the following fixed-income instruments:

·         Domestic debt securities of Bulgaria (Government Securities);

·         Global bonds on Bulgaria's Foreign Debt;

·         Government bonds of the countries in the eurozone, Central Europe, USA and Latin America.

As a primary dealer of government securities, Central Cooperative Bank AD allows its clients to participate directly in auctions in the issuance of Bulgarian government securities.

Central Cooperative Bank AD is a licensed investment firm and member of Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD and Central Depository AD. Using the mediation of the Bank, our customers can buy and sell:

·         corporate securities - shares and bonds of Bulgarian companies and banks

·         Bulgarian depository receipts of leading European companies listed on Bulgarian Stock Exchange

·         all types of compensatory instruments

·         others

Central Cooperative Bank AD carries out custodial services such as custody of securities on behalf of its customers, as well as representation of securities holders to issuers.

Central Cooperative Bank AD offers its customers to be their intermediary when trading in financial instruments on European stock exchanges, by accepting orders and concluding transactions on their behalf and for their account.

With regard to taxation, Bulgarian legislation is extremely progressive and does not tax transactions in financial instruments.

Repurchase transactions

The repurchase transaction provides a quick and effective access to free cash resources under competitive market conditions. A repurchase transaction is an operation in which an instrument is sold in parallel with an unconditional and irrevocable commitment to be repurchased at a predetermined price at a specified future date. The price at which the transaction is concluded is calculated by applying the so-called haircut on the current market price. With this service, you can effectively use the so-called a leverage effect in managing your portfolios, depending on your preferences and risk appetite. Repurchase transactions are common short-term financing instruments.

Central Cooperative Bank AD offers its customers attractive conditions for concluding repurchase transactions. The Bank accepts the following types of securities as a subject of repurchase transactions:

·         Bulgarian government securities issued by the Ministry of Finance on the domestic debt of the Republic of Bulgaria;

·         shares included in the main indexes SOFIX, BGBX40, etc., and are traded on Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD and

·         units of collective investment schemes.

Pursuant to the Bank's internal rules, repurchase transactions are concluded with a discount on the market price of the respective security, whereby the discount is determined depending on the repurchase security, the market situation and the Bank's discretion. The minimum discount values​are as follows:

·         for government securities issued by the Ministry of Finance on the domestic debt of the Republic of Bulgaria, the discount is at least 5%;

·         for shares included in the main indexes SOFIX, BGBX40, etc., and are traded on Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD, the discount is at least 30%, and

·         for units of collective investment schemes, the discount is at least 30%.

Central Cooperative Bank AD reserves the right, at its discretion, to set higher minimum rates of discount for a particular transaction.

Central Cooperative Bank AD may determine individual conditions for repurchase transactions.

Repurchase transactions are concluded at a competitive interest rate determined according to the market conditions at the time the transaction is concluded.

Pursuant to Article 60 (1) of the Credit Institutions Act, Central Cooperative Bank AD cannot accept securities for repurchase transactions if they are issued by it or by persons related to it.

Central Cooperative Bank AD offers to its clients all types of foreign exchange transactions (cash and on accounts), consistent with the interbank market in the country and the international currency markets, in the following currencies free of charge and at the market rate:

·          major currencies – EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD

·         Scandinavian currencies - DKK, NOK, SEK

·         Central and Eastern European currencies - CZK, PLN, RON, MKD (only on account)

·         RUB and TRY

Central Cooperative Bank AD, as one of the leading participants in the Bulgarian forex market, offers its customers the opportunity to conclude all types of foreign exchange transactions, both in their accounts and in cash. The Bank offers its customers the opportunity to conclude the following currency transactions:

·         spot transactions,

·         transactions with future value date

·         currency swaps

For amounts over BGN 10,000 or their equivalent in another currency, our customers can receive preferential rates other than those officially announced in the Bank's bulletin

Transactions up to BGN 10,000 are concluded according to the officially announced exchange rate bulletin of the bank.

WARNING! All currency transactions of Central Cooperative Bank AD and its clients, with a value date other than the spot, are subject to mandatory reporting and considering all parameters on them until the expiration of the transaction, its termination or maturity to the Transaction Register (TR). The requirement was introduced by Regulation 648/2012, adopted by the European Parliament and Council on 4 July 2012, on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories (EMIR).

Under the new European financial market regulations (Directive 2014/65/EU and Regulation N 600/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on markets in financial instruments and their delegated implementing regulations), when submitting an order for a transaction in financial instruments for the account of a customer, investment firms must identify to the operators of trading venues the customer on whose account the order is initiated by means of individual identification codes. For the purposes of identification, the clients - legal entities are required to hold a legal entity identification code under ISO 17442, the so-called LEI Code. The acquisition of the LEI Code is the responsibility of the customer and the costs associated with the issuance are fully borne by it. 

In this context, we would like to inform you that any legal entity that uses the services of Central Cooperative Bank AD as an investment firm should provide information to the Bank about its LEI Code at the Bnk's branch where its accounts are serviced or at the following e-mail: trader@ccbank.bg. In the event that this information is not provided promptly, the Bank may refuse to accept and execute orders for transactions in financial instruments.

On 1 November 2007 the European Union effected the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which aims to harmonize regulations, procedures and requirements relating to transactions in financial instruments within the Community. The adoption of the Directive is driven by the increased activity of the increasing number of investors in the financial markets and by the supply to these markets of increasingly sophisticated and diverse financial instruments and services. This requires the establishment of a new regulatory framework so that to cover the wide range of services and activities offered to investors as well as to provide the necessary level of harmonization ensuring a high degree of investor protection and an opportunity for the investment firms to provide investment services throughout the European Community as a single market.

Bulgaria, in its capacity as a member state of the Union, introduces the requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in the local legal framework, through the adoption of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act and Ordinance 38 on the requirements for the operations of investment firms.


For more information regarding the investing agency of Central Cooperative Bank Plc, please contact us at 02/9234777 or send us an e-mail to: trader@ccbank.bg

A Commitment Policy /Art.75, Markets in Financial Instruments Act/

At present Central Cooperative Bank Plc does not offer portfolio management service to its' clients. In light of this fact and as per art.75a of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act, Central Cooperative Bank Plc has not adopted a commitment policy.

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