Control your account status via SMS notifications to your mobile phone. You no longer need to visit the bank or make a phone call to receive information on the current balance and movements on your account.

By using the CCB service "Account Control via SMS Notifications", you have a number of options:

You decide what the SMS you want to receive should cover:

  • balance;
  • turnover;
  • receipts;
  • payables;
  • combination of the above options.

You can determine whether to receive detailed or general information about your account balance. When you hold more than one account with CCB, you receive one SMS including information on the balances of all your accounts.
When you have a card account, we recommend that you opt for detailed information in order to be updated on the amount of funds on your card, the usable amount available for cash operations and transfers and the available overdraft.
You can get your account information broken down by type of movements - cash operations, internal transfers, currency transfers, etc. Thus you will be aware of the turnovers.

Decide when and in what cases to receive SMS notifications

SMS notifications of account balance and turnover can be received one to three times a day - in the morning, at noon or in the evening. There is also an option to receive SMS notifications only in case of daily movements on the account. Therefore, when there is no movement, you will not receive any SMS notifications.

You can receive SMS notifications of receipts and payables on your account:

  • about every receipt and payable;
  • only about receipts and payables exceeding a certain amount.

We recommend the second option, especially with respect to payable notifications.

You define the number of SMS notifications you want to receive:

  • 10 SMS notifications;
  • 30 SMS notifications;
  • unlimited number of SMS notifications.

You decide on how to pay for the service

  • Subscription for 10 SMS notifications for a fee of 2 BGN, payable upon registration;
  • Subscription for 30 SMS notifications for a fee of 5 BGN, payable upon registration;
  • Monthly payment, without pre-limiting SMS notifications. In this case, a total fee is paid after the end of the month, whereby the price of each SMS is BGN 0.18.

Take advantage of this CCB service now

If you already have an account with the bank, fill in the attached form and submit it to the bank branch where your account has been opened.

For additional information:

  • *5050 (Call charges are based on the tariffs and policies of the customer's mobile operator. Calls to a short number may not be included in the free minute package for which CCB cannot be held responsible);
  • 02/9266 500, as well as in all offices of Central Cooperative Bank;
  • or write to us to