Dear clients,

In connection with the forthcoming cancellation of the epidemiological situation, we would like to inform you that as of 04.04.2022 digital internet banking channels will not allow the ordering of payment orders of customers with expired identity document.

In order to use the full range of services in the digital payment channels, it is necessary to provide an actual /valid/ identity document at the Bank's office.

If you need assistance, you can contact us during business hours of the Bank on phone numbers 02/92 66 666 and 02/92 66 668 or by e-mail: and during non-working hours on short number * 5050.

Kind regards,

Central Cooperative Bank Plc


Dear clients,

The “phishing” or  “fishing” attacks have recently become more frequent. It is important that you be careful and tentative, when you enter your personal data on the Internet! On the first place, it is your personal responsibility.

Be cautious and keep your personal and bank data! Be extremely careful and tentative, when you enter your personal data on the Internet! We remind you that CCB AD will never require from you to enter phone number or number of credit or debit cards during the e-banking log-in.

Kind regards,

The team of Central Cooperative Bank AD


The service CCB Online – Internet banking of Central Cooperative Bank gives you security, convenience and lower fees in managing your finances.

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    CCB Plc has as a priority the provision of a maximum level of protection to its clients using the service CCB Online. The identification of the users in the system is made with a user name, a password and a qualified electronic signature.

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    Detailed information on using the service CCB Online can be found in the user manual.