Ethoca - secure, designer and convenient way to track transactions

CCB AD customers who use Mastercard and VISA debit and credit cards for their daily needs will find that Ethoca is a secure, designer and convenient way to track transactions and will avail themselves of the following benefits:

  • Purchases made in stores and on the Internet give cardholders peace of mind at any time in case they want to recall the reason for a certain transaction, but have forgotten about it or simply wish to make statistics and check; i.e., the customer can see in detail the information about each payment, namely: logo, name and the location where the payment was made directly in their mobile banking (CCB Mobile);
  • Ethoca displays enriched information about all transactions made with Mastercard and VISA debit and credit cards, improves the customer experience by displaying the trademark/logo and name in multiple mobile wallets and mobile banking applications;
  • By giving access to detailed information, our cardholders have the opportunity to see the location through the commercial logo, which inevitably minimizes the cases of unnecessary filing of claims for disputed payments.

CCB AD merchants who will register on the Ethoca website will receive the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind for their customers and business;
  • Transparency and visualization of the commercial brand;
  • Avoidance of the cases of unmotivated disputed payments, which inevitably entail unnecessary costs for them and the bank servicing them;
  • The logo will be associated with the specific transaction made, which in turn will give cardholders the ability to visualize for themselves any purchase made in-store or on the merchant's site while meeting the highest standards of information privacy for all parties , involved in the payment process.

 Merchant Registration Link.

 You can register as a merchant in the Ethoca system as soon as possible to avail the above mentioned benefits.