Technical migration

Dear Customer,

Due to a planned technical migration in the Bank's systems, we would like to inform you that in the period from 18:00 on 23.01.2024 (Tuesday) to 08:00 on 24.01.2024 (Wednesday) there may be a delay in the processing of payment transactions initiated through CCB Mobile, CCB Online and CCB Lite when making transfers from card accounts. Negative balance may be displayed in the card accounts and cards during the said period. In case you are using the block/unblock card option via CCB Mobile, we inform you that this functionality will not be available.

For further information and assistance required, including card blocking, you can contact us at tel. 02/9266500 or *5050.

After the planned migration, in case of cards issued on the basis of current account balance or overdraft /debit cards/ agreed on a current account, the account balance (excluding the minimum non-reducible balance) will be available for use both by using the card (for ATM withdrawal, payment at POS terminal, payment via Internet, etc. Payment services by submitting payment/withdrawal/transfer orders in the standard ways and forms for a current account.

With effect from 24.01.2024, the need for the Synchron service to perform the transactions described above shall cease and the annual fee for the use of the service shall cease.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!


Central Cooperative Bank JSC