Forthcoming novelty in the login via CCB Lite - implementing sms code every 90 days

Dear clients, 

CCB Plc endeavors to a maximum extent to improve  the level of security and to protect its clients  upon using the digital channels. 

In this regard we inform you that  an additional protection will be introduced in CCB Lite, which requires a sms code every 90 days upon log into CCB Lite.

Upon an attempt for log into CCB Lite by users, who do not have a registered GSM number, the system will display a message to visit a CCB office to register a mobile number of a valid Bulgarian operator.

If you need any assistance, you can contact us during the working hours of the Bank at tel: 02/92 66 666 and 02/92 66 668 or via e-mail: and beyond the working hours at *5050.

Kind regards, 

Team CCB Plc