Learn what is your impact on the climate
Measure your carbon footprint in CCB Mobile

CCB PLC, together with Mastercard® to implement first in the Bulgarian market the innovative digital solution Mastercard® Carbon Calculator.

A new technology that enables you to measure and manage the footprint of carbon emissions made for the production of goods and services purchased with your debit or credit Mastercard and VISA cards.

Mastercard®, in collaboration with the Swedish fintech company Doconomy, has implemented the Mastercard® Carbon Calculator with the aim of increasing the environmental awareness and behavior of all its partners around the world – companies, consumers and reforestation societies.

For each card transaction, fully automated Aland Index developed by Doconomy works out the amount of carbon (CO2), taking into account all components resulting in the price and the specific emission factors. The result is clearly displayed in the CCB mobile application - CCB Mobile.

The Mastercard® Carbon Calculator gives the opportunity to CCB cardholders the opportunity to trace the carbon footprint with every purchase they make.

Each of us contribute, one way or the other, to the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere, which inevitably leads to a negative climate change, leaving its negative impact on the environment. The understanding and the growing concern for each of us of the relation between consumption and the carbon impact, make us believe that we need to be on the road for a greener planet.

In the CCB Mobile application, in detail information about the carbon footprint will be displayed for every transaction, as well as comparison against the major common pollutants, so that you can easily navigate and act more eco friendly.

Take the first step by measuring your carbon footprint with the Mastercard® Carbon Calculator in CCB Mobile app.