Central Cooperative Bank offers to you a number of ways to increase your finances via the most used bank product – THE DEPOSIT.

Standard deposit
The standard deposits are opened in EUR, US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP) and Swiss franks (CHF)
Flexible schemes – term and current
Exceptionally high profitability
Privileged Deposit + of CCB
Currency – BGN and EUR
Minimum amount, on which interest is calculated – EUR 50 (for deposits in EUR)
Annual interest – the highest annual interest for BGN and EUR deposits – up to 7.00% in EUR
Additional exceptional bonuses

Progressively increasing interest – your profitability constantly increases with the increase of the period of stay of the funds with the Bank. The longer you save, the greater profitability you receive.
Monthly use of the interest – you receive the interest income every month on a card or checking account in EUR
A possibility for additional profitability – you may save additionally, in case you want to save the interest, transferred to your card account. The annual interest rate on the card accounts is 4.00% annual interest (for deposits in EUR)
Freedom of choice within the deposit term – You choose the deposit term, whereas at the end of each one-month period you may withdraw the principal or a part thereof. If after withdrawing the principal, the balance remains above the required minimum on which interest is calculated, your deposit continues to accrue interest according to the scale of increasing interest rates.
A free debit card – Every client, who has a deposit plus in EUR at CCB, receives international Visa Electron debit card, which offers to him/her a great number of additional possibilities
A possibility at the same time to have a deposit with high profitability and to dispose with your money via the use of overdraft on your debit card to the amount up to 100% of the deposit amount
The deposit may serves as collateral upon the issuance of a free Visa credit card with a credit limit, equal to the deposit amount.

TARIFF ON THE INTEREST RATES OF CCB PLC  for checking, deposit and other accounts.