Send and receive money online with Western Union and CCB Internet banking!
If you are a natural person, hold a current account with CCB and use full CCB Internet Banking service, you can benefit from the innovative Western Money Online Transfer service.
What do you get?
Western Union operates in more than 640,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. You send money without leaving your home, office, hotel, airport, using the convenience of the CCB secure Internet banking platform!
The beneficiary receives the full amount of the ordered transfer, net of any additional fees and commissions.
Reliability! Western Union is a worldwide leader in global payment services.
What should you know if you send money?
The currency of the transfer may be in EUR or BGN.
Fill in the exact names of your beneficiary and select the country where the transfer will be received.
Notify the beneficiary of the 10-digit control number of the transfer sent.
You have the option to be notified by SMS when the money is paid to the beneficiary.
What should you know if you receive money?
Enter the proper the 10-digit control number of your transfer, given to you by the originator.
You can receive the transfer in BGN or EUR, as well as to specify a CCB bank account where the money should be credited.

Fees and commissions
Western Union Money Transfer General Terms and Conditions
About Western Union
Western Union is more than a service that facilitates sending and receiving money. Every day we help you keep in touch with your loved ones all over the world through quick, secure and affordable money transfers. We operate a network of about 500,000 representatives in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. In Bulgaria, our services are also available through the Central Cooperative Bank (CCB) network.
Services offered by CCB and Western Union:
Money transfer from abroad to Bulgaria - small pleasures make long distances shorter, and you, staying at home, know it best. With Western Union you get your money faster.
Money transfer from Bulgaria to abroad - you can provide assistance to your loved ones, no matter where they are.
Money transfer from Bulgaria to Bulgaria - even when you are not abroad, but still far from your family, you can do something nice for your loved ones at home. With Western Union, it's easy to transfer BGN, EUR and USD anywhere in Bulgaria. You can use one of over 1,200 Western Union offices throughout the country to send money, and your loved ones - to receive it.
Sending money:
Go to the nearest CCB branch. All you have to do is present a valid ID document, tell us where you want to send money, the amount you want to send, and the full name of the beneficiary.
Once you have deposited the amount you want to pay and the fee (Western Union can make a gain from the exchange rate difference), the Western Union operator will fill in the transfer information in the system and print a sending receipt.
Verify the receipt to make sure that the data is appropriately entered and sign it.
The receipt includes the money transfer control number (MTCN: a 10-digit number) and the amount paid.
Money can be received as soon as you receive the receipt with the MTCN number. Usually, the use of the service takes a few minutes, both when you send and when you receive money. This interval depends on the terms of the service, including the representative's working hours and the different time zones. In certain countries, in order to withdraw money, the recipient must tell the operator the money transfer control number (MTCN).
Receiving money:
Go to the nearest CCB branch. All you need is a valid ID document. Tell the agent from which country the transfer is, the full sender's name, the exact amount you expect, and the MTCN.
To make the payment, the Western Union agent will verify your ID and the information you provide.
Check the data printed on the money receipt to make sure it is accurate and sign it. The agent will give you the money and the receipt.
Fees and commissions
The money transfer fees are standard and are only paid by the sender.
For more information on Western Union services, please contact our customer service center on 02/9266254 and 02/9266257.