EASYPAY AD is the Easypay.bg payment service operator, which allows real-time money transfers and payments anywhere in the country. The company is part of Datamax System Holding AD, which has a long experience in the production of banking software and payment systems, and is a recognized global leader in this field.

EASYPAY AD believes that time is a valuable resource that should not be missed. Their purpose is to minimize the time spent visiting different institutions, annoying queuing and boring filling in documents. All this can be achieved using the new technologies. Thanks to them, a centralized, web-based payment system has been created. It allows the payment of utility bills, taxes, fees and social security payments to be made quickly and easily at one-stop-shop.

A team of specialists in various fields work daily to maintain and expand the network of offices and increase the number and quality of the services provided on Easypay.bg. Over 500,000 households benefit each month from the system options, but mostly from the freedom to choose a convenient time and place to handle your financial issues.

EASYPAY AD provides payment services under a license issued by the Bulgarian National Bank for carrying out activity as a payment institution, registered with the public register under Art. 17 of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (Certificate No. РД 22-1604 of 14 July 2010).