Do you have to make loan payments or want to deposit amounts on your CCB card, but you have no free time to go to the bank? Do you want to transfer money to a friend, but you only know the number of his CCB card?
There is nothing easier than that.
Through the service of Central Cooperative Bank - CARD AND LOAN PAYMENT, you can transfer funds from one bank card to another one through an ATM or via the Internet. You only need to know the card number on which the money is to be received.
What do you need to know to use the service?
The card on which the amount is to be received must be issued by CCB AD. It does not matter whether it is a credit or debit, local or international, personal or business card;
You can make the payment both by a card issued by CCB, and by cards issued by other banks.
How can you make a CARD OR CREDIT PAYMENT?
Any Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard, Maestro and Visa Electron debit card may be used as the ordering card. When making the transfer, you only need to specify the card number on which the money will be deposited without the need to know the related IBAN account number. You enter the amount you want to transfer yourself. The money will be credited to the beneficiary's card on the next business day.
Payment by a transfer at an ATM:
Select "Other Services" Menu, then "B-Pay";
Enter merchant's code "10007" - this is the CCB service code;
Enter the amount of the transfer;
In "Personal Code" field, enter the entire card number on which the amount is to be credited;
Confirm the transaction by entering your PIN.
Money deposit by online transfer /via
Log in to using your username and password;
Then you can:
- Select "Loan Repayment" or
- Select "Payment of Utility Bills" menu, then "Prepaid Services";
Select "Card and Loan Payments";
Select the ordering card from the cards you have registered with;
Enter the transfer amount and the recipient card number;
Review the operation and confirm.
Without visiting the bank you can make a credit card transfer, repay loans or transfer money to another person holding a CCB card;
You can make the transfer at any time, regardless of the bank's working hours;
CARD AND LOAN PAYMENTS can be used from any place with access to the Internet and at more than 2 200 ATMs throughout the country;
Minimum information is required - only the number of the recipient card, you do not need to know the account number;
The card you want to use for the payment and the card on which the money is to be received may be in different currency.
How much will it cost?
Payments at ATMs - when transferring money from a Maestro or Visa Electron debit card of CCB AD, the fee is BGN 0.20; when transferring money from a Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit Card - free of charge;
Payments through - the fee for transfer from CCB Maestro debit card is BGN 0.20; when transferring money from a Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit Card - free of charge.