CCB AD is a licensed agent for Bulgaria of the largest and oldest international system for fast money transfers - the American company Western Union. Western Union is the first company to introduce fax, telex and space satellite communications. It currently operates more than 640,000 locations in over 200 countries worldwide, allowing for quick ordering and receiving cash transfers around the world.

Why to choose the services of CCB:

We offer Western Union services and products in 266 of our branches and offices in 147 locations across the country.

All CCB AD locations have direct electronic access to the Western Union network, thus ensuring maximum speed of customer service. In most cases, we guarantee that you will make or receive your money transfer within 10 minutes.

There are no unnecessary formalities, we do not require the existence of bank accounts for both the originator and the beneficiary.

Who uses Western Union service most often?

·         people who work abroad;

·         people who study abroad;

·         people who travel around the world - tourists or businessmen;

·         people who have relatives or friends abroad;

·         people who want to shop on the Internet.

What do you need to do to send money via Western Union?

Visit the nearest CCB office and follow the procedure:

·         fill in a special form with the following information:

o    the amount of the transfer in EUR or USD;

o    beneficiary’s full name;

o    your names, phone number and address.

·         The CCB officer will give you a 10-digit control number. You must communicate this number to the beneficiary by telephone or by any other means you choose. The beneficiary can immediately receive the amount in any Western Union location in their country of residence. Along with the money transfer, you can also send a text message to the beneficiary.

·         Submit the transfer amount and pay the fee.

·         The maximum amount of Western Union transfers is USD 7,500.00 per single transaction.

·         The transfer fee is always borne by the originator.

·         Information on all over 200,000 Western Union locations can be obtained at any CCB branch where the service is offered.

To receive Western Union money transfer:

Once you have been notified by the originator that there is a transfer for you, go to the CCB branch which is most convenient for you.

There you should fill in the special form with the following details:

·         full name;

·         the expected amount of the transfer, as well as a specific set of originator’s data, such as name and surname;

·         city and country from where the transfer is ordered and the originator's phone number (if known);

·         additionally (not necessarily, but preferable) - the 10-digit money transfer control number communicated to you by the originator.

The beneficiary is not required to pay any fee upon the receipt of money.