These transfers allow you to periodically transfer a specific amount of money without visiting the bank. You set the amount and date/day in advance and the transfer is made ex officio.

The automatic fixed transfers are convenient if you have more than one account with CCB or with CCB and another bank, or if you want to transfer on and the same amount to another person or company on a monthly or weekly basis. They give you the freedom to periodically transfer funds without completing documents for each transaction and without remembering the exact payment dates.

Automatic fixed transfers are extremely useful to you

·         If you use a loan facility or other credit products of CCB or another bank and want to automatically repay your monthly instalments from another CCB account

·         You want to save the same amount every month

·         You want to periodically transfer money to a relative

They are also convenient for your business

·         If you use a CCB business loan facility and you want to ex officio make the monthly payments due

·         If the company has multiple branches with accounts in one or more CCB branches and you want to collect a specific amount from each one in one account.

What are the options provided by the fixed transfers?

With fixed transfers, you automatically transfer an exact amount of money. You decide where the money is to be transferred – to your own account or the account of another person, to a CCB branch or to a branch of another bank.

If both accounts are held with CCB, they may be in different currencies. If the beneficiary's account is with another bank, the beneficiary’s account and the originator’s account must be in BGN.

You are allowed to determine the maximum number of transfers - after a set number of transfers, the service is automatically deactivated.

If you want, you will be notified of every transfer by SMS notifications to your mobile phone.

You decide when to make the transfers

·         on a certain day of the week;

·         on a certain day of the month;

·         on the first business day of the month;

·         on the last business day of the month;

·         combination of the options above.

What is the price of the automatic fixed transfers

You can sign up for the automatic fixed transfers service for free. You only pay a transfer fee to a CCB account or another bank account according to the CCB Tariff. If you subscribe for SMS notification of each transfer, the fee is BGN 0.18 per SMS.

Additional information on Automatic Fixed Transfers can be found on *5050 (Call charges are based on the tariffs and policies of the customer’s mobile operator. Calls to a short number may not be included in the free minute package for which CCB cannot be held responsible) and at 02/9266 500.