CCB brings In App Verification/ App to app verification for its customers, who own debit and credit cards

Dear customers,

Your security and comfort come first and have become our priority especially when it refers to digitizing your bank card in Apple Pay Wallet/Google Pay Wallet and we are constantly endeavoring to offer the most innovative technological standard to you, which, of course, means a lot of efforts we put in.

We hereby are kindly advising you that on 11 Sept. 2023 a new service is going to take place for verifying our cardholders - In App Verification /App to app verification.

Currently, client verification is being made by way of SMS OTP (SMS message with one time passcode), by sending OTP to the client’s personal phone number, as to confirm your identity before making the card active.

On 11 September 2023, when starting manual digitization of your card directly in Apple Pay Wallet/Google Pay Wallet applications, at the point, when you reach the stage of “verification”, a new functionality will be giving you two options that will appear; namely:

  • CCB Mobile – for existing customers who use it, or:
  • Call Central Cooperative Bank – for not yet existing customers (not yet subscribed to CCB Mobile).


Depending on the operational system under which your device works, two options will appear, respectively – for Apple Pay Wallet and Google Pay Wallet:


Owing to the enormous volume of work it takes on Software actualization that must be carried out during the period 11 Sept. – 25 Sept. 2023, manual digitization will be possible only through the option “Call Central Cooperative Bank”. You’ll be asked, therefore, by the operator a couple of questions as to confirm your identity and will assist you instantly for completing the process of digitization.

After 25 Sept. 2023 a new update of the CCB Mobile app will follow, which will allow the opportunity to perform verification through the button “Sign in to the bank app”.

In App Verification/App to app verification as an innovative decision is another herald of the CBB continuous efforts to be implementing the most secure, reliable methods in card payments and, of course, providing customer experience beyond compare.

We kindly remind you that, if necessary, you may always contact us at: 02/9266 500 or 0889/934 694.