Attempt to misuse Bank's customer data

Dear customers,

We would like to remind you that CCB AD does not send emails inviting you to update your accounts or submit your personal data, such as passwords, usernames, card data, etc. Such messages should be considered an attempt to misuse. Do not open the links listed therein and do not give your personal or financial information.

Do not provide your personal data and information related to the access to your Internet banking, your bank account, card data, etc. Access passwords are personal and it is your duty and responsibility to keep them known only to you.

If you have received an email sent by "" or similar, please do not open the email, its attachments and the links contained therein.

The message WAS NOT SENT by CCB AD – it is a malicious attempt for the so-called "fishing" attack and aims to collect customer information.

In such cases, we recommend that the customer take the following actions:

Scanning the computer using licensed anti-virus software;

Regular system updating, using only licensed and purchased software;

Changing the password for email access with a complex complex password (containing at least 10 characters: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and reserved characters).

We would like to ask anyone who has received such emails not to reply to them and if already replied, to immediately contact a Bank’s representative by telephone:

*5050 (Call charges are based on the tariffs and policies of the customer’s mobile operator. Calls to a short number may not be included in the free minutes package for which CCB cannot be held responsible)

(02) 9266 500

0889 934 694


Faithfully Yours,

Central Cooperative Bank