Transfers and Payment of Utility Bills on The Internet

Transfers in the Internet with CCB Online

If you have registered for the Internet banking of CCB - ССВ OnLine, you have the possibility to order transfers from your home or office, without paying a visit to the bank. Fees for an internal bank transfer are 0.30 BGN.

Transfers in the Internet via

To register in the system you need to have a CCB debitcardMaestro or creditcardMarket. Thus you will have the possibility to order bank transfers via the Internet with a bankcard to your disposable amount in BORICA. Transfer is made from a card account to an account in BGN. There is no need the beneficiary account to be a card account.

  • Fees for transfer to a CCB account are 0.40 BGN. You pay also fees for transaction with your card.
  • Fees for transfer to accounts in other banks are 0.80 BGN. You pay also fees for transaction with your card.

Payment in the Internet via

In the Internet by means of you can pay for goods and services, transfer money, check your card balance and movements on your account. It is enough to have a debitcardMaestro or a creditcard Market of CCB.

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