Subscription for Utility Bills

Would you like the payment of your bills for electricity, water, heating, fixed and mobile phone to stop being your concern? You don’t need to visit the cash desks of BTC, ViK and any more.
Use our service "Periodic bills subscription" and payments shall be done automatically. Your bills will be the bank’s concern.
If you pay for bills with "Periodic bills subscription", you can use consumer’s credits with preferential interests.

What periodic bills subscription means

  • You register with a single visit to the bank
  • Payments are made automatically each month, without your intervention
  • You can fix payment limits – maximum amount for payments
  • You receive information – via SMS or e-mail, for received bills, made payments, as well as refused payments
  • Payments are made with a debit card Maestro or a credit card Market – with only one card you can pay automatically all your periodic bills. If you wish you can register also more cards – if you don’t have money on one of them, the bill will be paid from the next card.

With a periodic bills subscription you can pay debts to the following traders

  • Vivacom
  • ViK - Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Ruse, Vidin, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Lovech, Montana, Shumen, Yambol etc.
  • Globul
  • Megalan Network
  • EVN Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie
  • CHEZ Bulgaria
  • Blizoo
  • Spectur Net PLC
  • M-Tel
  • NET 1
  • Sofiyska Voda
  • Toplofikacia – Burgas, Varna, Vtarsa, Pleven, Pernik, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sliven and Sofia

How to use the periodic bills subscription

You need to have a Market card or a Maestro debit card of CCB and to register once in the bank. Bring with you receipts for paid bills or tell us your customer numbers. You should have paid the old bills to the relevant trader.
You can pay your bills, as well as the bills of your friends and relatives.
In the CCB branches you will receive information about which bills can be paid with periodic bills subscription.

Pay your bills with a credit from CCB

If you need additional means to pay your bills for electricity, water and heating, we can offer overdraft on your account.
With the Market Credit Card you can pay your bills also on credit.

Information about all payments

You can receive notification via SMS and/or e-mail:

  • Three days before the payment is made;
  • For each successful payment;
  • For a bill that exceeds the payment limit;
  • For each unsuccessful payment;
  • For unpaid bill.

How much the periodic bills subscription costs

  • Annual fees – 3 BGN;
  • Transactions fees:

         - 0.20 BGN for payments via Maestro debit card

         -0.60% from the sum that You own in favour of the merchant for payments via credit cards

         - no charge for Market Card.

For notification via SMS or e-mail:

  • Fees for SMS – 0.10 BGN;
  • Fees for e-mail – no charge.

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