EasyPay AD is the operator of the Easypay.bg payment system which makes possible in real time to perform money transfers and payments to each place in the country. The company is part of the Datamax System AD Holding that has 12-year experience in the production of bank software and the development of payment systems and that is a recognized leader in its field, in an international level.

EasyPay AD has a license from the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) for offering the ”postal money transfers“ service on the territory of the whole country. The overall company activity is concerted and made under the CRC supervision.

EasyPay AD constructs a network from the bank offices, big chain stores, fuel stations and other organizations, where a large range of payment services is offered. Currently the offices’ number exceeds 300, and it is expected that till the end of the year they will grow to over 600, and in two years time - to exceed 2,000.

Easypay.bg system makes possible for the customers to make payments and money transfers from a convenient to them office regardless of where they are in the world, it save their time and money, ensures security and reliability for kinds of payments.

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