Card and Loan Installments at ATM

You have a credit to repay or you want to deposit money on you CCB card but you don't have time to go to the bank? You want to transfer money to a friend but you know only his CCB card number?

There is nothing easier than that!

The new service of CCB – INSTALLMENTS ON CARDS AND CREDITS is exactly for you! With this service you can transfer money from one bank card to another via a cash dispenser or the Internet. You need to know only the card number to which the money will be received.

What do you have to know, in order to use the service?

  • It is mandatory that the card where the amount will go to be issued by CCB AD. It doesn’t matter whether it is a credit or debit card, local or international, private or corporate.
  • You can make the installment with the card issued by CCB, as well as with a card issued by other banks.


As a sending card you can use a debit card Maestro, as well as a debit card Visa Electron. For the transfer you state only the card number on which the money will be received and you don’t need to know the IBAN account number. You alone enter the amount that you wish to transfer. Transferred money will be received on the recipient’s card the next business day.

Installment from a cash dispenser

  • Select "Other services" menu and then "B-Pay"
  • enter the trader code "10007" – that’s the CCB service code
  • enter the amount to be transferred
  • in the "Personal code" field enter the full card number on which the amount shoule be received
  • confirm the transaction with your PIN code

Installment via a transfer in the Internet (though

  • Login the with your user’s name and password
  • then you can:
    - select "Payment of credits" or
    - select the "Payment of bills" menu and then - "Prepaid services"
  • select "Installments to cards and credits"
  • select the card-sender from the cards you have registered in
  • enter the amount to be transferred and the number of the card where the amount will be received
  • review the transaction and confirm


  • Without paying a visit to the bank you can make a transfer to your card, pay credits or transfer money to another person with a CCB card
  • You can do the transfer at any time, regardless of the opening hours of the bank
  • INSTALLMENTS TO CARDS AND CREDITS can be used from any place with Internet access and from more than 2,200 cash dispensers in the whole country
  • A minimum information is required – only the number of the receiving card without a need to know the account number
  • Card with which you make the installment and that where the money will be received, can be in different currencies

How much does it cost?

  • Installment from a cash dispenser – in case of money transfer from a debit card Maestro or Visa Electron, issued by CCB AD, fees are 0.20 BGN
  • Installment via – fees for a transfer from a debit card Maestro of CCB is 0.20 BGN

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