SMS Messages

Control the state of your account via SMS messages to your mobile phone. You don’t have to visit the bank or call on the phone in order to be informed on time about the balance and movements of your account.

Using the CCB service "Account control via SMS messages", you have an access to a wide range of possibilities:

You choose what kind of SMS you wish to receive

  • About balance
  • About turnover
  • About incoming flows
  • About liabilities
  • About combinations of the above-mentioned

You can specify whether to receive detailed or more general information about your account balance. When you have more than one account in CCB, you can have information about the balances on all you accounts with one SMS.
When you have a card account, we recommend that you choose detailed information, in order to know at the same time the balance on your card, the amount that you can use for cash transactions and transfers, as well as the amount of the disposable overdraft.
You can obtain information about your account, divided by type of movements – cash transactions, book transfers, FX transfers, etc. Thus you will be informed about the turnovers on your account.

You choose when and in what cases to receive SMS messages

You can receive SMS messages about the account balance and turnover from one to three times a day – in the morning, at noon or in the evening. There is also a possibility to send SMS only in case of movements on your account for the day. Thus for days without movements you will not receive SMS messages.

You can receive SMS messages about incoming flows or liabilities on your account:

  • For each incoming flow and liabilitiy
  • Only for incoming flows and liabilities above a certain amount

We recommend you the second option especially as regards messages about liabilities.

You determine the number of SMS messages that you wish to receive

  • 10 SMS messages
  • 30 SMS messages
  • Unlimited number of SMS messages

You choose a method of charging for the service

  • Subscription for 10 SMS messages with fees of BGN 2 payable upon registration
  • Subscription for 30 SMS messages with fees of BGN 5 payable upon registration
  • Monthly charging without a preliminary limitation of the number of SMS messages. In this case we deduct total fees after the end of the month where each SMS costs BGN 0.18

Profit from this new CCB service now!

If you already have a bank account, fill in the attached form (159.6 KB) and submit it in the bank office where you have opened your account.

For additional information:
Call phone number 0800 11 400 /the phone call is free for customers from the whole country/ or 02/9266500, you can write to us to the address:

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