Mutual funds

The advantage of investing

The world is dynamic and tense. Investing is a necessary part of your modern care for your savings. Where to invest is one of the age old questions. To take advantage of the fluctuations of the world financial markets, we offer you the easiest and most convenient way – the purchase of a mutual fund. 

The mutual fund is a collective scheme for investing and management of the cash assets on the financial market, which is widely spread in the developed countries. The fund is divided into units, which are constantly offered for sale to the investors and continuously subject to redemption by the fund whenever the investor wants. The amount of units, owned by the investor, certifies what part of the total amount of assets of the fund does the investor owns. Investors receive income, consistent with the risk, from the rise of the price of the units.

The mutual fund gives you the opportunity to:

To save time and make money

A team of professionals with thorough knowledge and  years of experience manage your money, striving to achieve the maximum possible yield. You don’t need to spend time and energy on getting into the world of finance, or on constantly following the economic and financial events.

Diversifying the assets

The funds invest in large amounts of equity, bonds and other financial tools in different spheres of the economy and in different geographical regions, which leads to the optimization of the risk.

You have a higher liquidity of your units

At any time you can receive the cash equivalent of the units you already own by the so called redemption of units from the fund.

You receive tax relief

The income from investments in mutual funds is tax exempt as per the Bulgarian law.

You receive higher return

There is a possibility for a higher percentage of return in comparison to other types of savings, and to protect your finances from inflation.

You have security

The purchased units are your direct property,  which gives you the opportunity to provide means for your long term goals.

To know how much your investment is worth

We publish daily information about the value of the units of the mutual funds at, and the web page of CCB Asset Management -


Any investment advisor will tell you that before picking what mutual fund to invest in, you should determine for yourself several important criteria – the time span, what yield do you expect and would satisfy you, how big of a risk are you willing to take. Risks can’t be completely taken out, but they can be managed.

We offer you three investment strategies, in regards to the risk:

CCB Garant Mutual fund

It is suitable for investors that have conservative investment strategy, looking for stable yield for their savings by taking low risk.

The fund mostly invests in high quality bonds, other debt instruments, and instruments on the cash market that are traded in regulated markets in the country and abroad.

CCB Garant’s main goal is to maintain the value of the investments of the shareholders, as well as to maintain sustainable growth, while taking minimum risk.

CCB Active Mutual fund

It is suitable for investors that have a balanced investment strategy, looking for a sustainable yield and moderate growth for their savings by taking moderate risk.

The investment policy of the fund is to rely on capital gains from units, income from dividends, as well as current yield from bonds, cash market and other financial instruments.

The fund’s assets can be invested in regulated markets in the country and abroad.

CCB Leader Mutual fund

It is suitable for investors with aggressive financial strategy, looking for higher yield for their investments by taking moderate to high risk.

The fund mostly invests in equity that are traded in regulated markets in the country and abroad. The fund can invest in long term financial instruments and instruments in the cash market, mostly with the aim of keeping liquidity at times of market problems.

To achieve the investment goals and to achieve the highest possible yield, a strategy for active management  of the portfolio is applied.

CCB Asset Management is one of the leading asset management companies in Bulgaria andwhose investment products are the result of the experience of a strong team with solid background in the financial markets. The owner of 100% of the capital of the company is Central Cooperative Bank AD.

The mutual funds, managed by CCB Asset Management, are offered in the offices of Central Cooperative Bank AD, shown in the prospect of the relevant fund, available online on

How to invest in funds, managed by CCB Asset Management?

Step 1: You put the money, with which you desire to buy units from the fund that you chose, into your Central Cooperative Bank account. If you don’t have a CCB bank account, one will be opened for you in an office of the bank.

Step 2: You sign an order-contract to buy units from the fund that you chose based on the prospectus, in an office of Central Cooperative Bank that you chose.

Step 3: You receive a confirmation of the completed orde-contract via an e-mail assigned by you, or on paper at the Central Cooperative Bank office that you chose, by the end of the first work day after the date of completion.

The purchased units are your direct property. Whenever you want, you can receive the cash equivalent of your units in the fund, no later than 10 calendar days after you sign a redemption order in a Central Cooperative Bank office that you chose from the prospectus of the fund.

Additional information about the mutual funds, managed by CCB Asset Management, can be found in the prospectus and the investor’s key information document, both available on the webpage of the asset management company

The investors should keep in mind that value of the units and their yield can be lower, no profits are guaranteed, there is a risk that the investors will not regain the full amount of the money invested. Investments in units and bonds are not guaranteed by any guarantee fund or in any other way. The future results of the activity of the funds are in no way connected with the results from past periods.

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