Mortgage Loan


We from Central Cooperative Bank want you to realize your dreams.

Find a new HOME FOR YOU and your family, and we will help you buy it! Take advantage of our attractive proposal – mortgage loan HOME FOR YOU with low interest rate.

 The Bank does not collect any fees upon reviewing, granting and utilization of the loan!

You may receive mortgage loan HOME FOR YOU, if:

  • you have good social security income;
  • you work under a permanent employment contract for at least six months at your present employer;
  • you exercise a free profession for at least one year.

Requirements to your income:

  • to receive your income on account with CCB Plc;
  • the amount of all credit liabilities of the household does not exceed 60% of the proven net monthly income of the family;
  • remaining net monthly income minimum BGN 250 per legal aged member of the family  and BGN 100 for under age after deducting all due monthly installments to loan and lease companies, including the installment under the requested loan;
  • to pay at least two utility bills via the service “Subscription for utility bills“.

Loan parameters

  • Amount up to EUR 150 000 (or the equivalent amount in EUR)
  • Repayment term – up to 30 years

Loan purpose

  • Purchase and repair of a real estate
  • Refinancing of mortgage loans for the purchase of a home, granted by other banks

Loan conditions

  • Collateral – residential real estate, fully completed and put into exploitation
  • Percentage of lending – depending on the location of the real estate and the option for a full or limited liability is to the amount of 85% of the real estate evaluation
  • Self-participation – not less than 10% of the real estate value

Interest conditions*

  • Interest rate, when the client is liable with all his property – from 2.8% to 3.4%, regardless of the loan currency

A possibility for additional rebates in the interest rate.

  • In the cases, in which the client bears limited liability with the provided collateral (regardless of the currency) - 5%


Clients with a mortgage loan in EUR can take advantage of the “Convenience“ free package for the loan term. The package includes:

  • Using a card checking account in BGN – without a fee for opening, servicing and closing the account.
  • Registration for the service “Automatic Pull transfer” – without a fee for the automatic transfer of the monthly loan installment.
  • Using the “Issuer servicewithout an annual fee.
  • Foreign exchange conversion at the BNBreference rate of the amounts in BGN for the repayment of the monthly loan installments.



You can choose to use a loan with a fixed interest rate for the first twelve installments and a floating interest rate for the remaining period or a loan with a floating interest rate for the entire term.

The annual percentage rate  is 2.91% for a loan to the amount of BGN 100 000, a repayment term of 15 years at 2.8% interest rate (base reference interest rate for mortgage loans (BRIRml) + margin) and an included fee for legal servicing of BGN 60, a fee for real estate evaluation of BGN 120, a monthly fee for servicing the card checking account of BGN 2,00. Total amount BGN 123 120.77, amount of the monthly installment BGN 681,00


See  Methodology

 You may calculate the amount of your monthly installment, using our calculator  for Home for you.

 How much will the loan cost to you? Fees and commissions

  • The Bank does not collect fees upon loan granting and utilization!
  • A fee for preparing a legal opinion – BGN 60.
  • A fee for collateral evaluation – according to the tariff of the licensed appraiser.


What documents do we expect from you to present

Information about the necessary documents you may obtain at any office of the Bank.

Upon the granting of the mortgage loan from CCB Plc you also receive:

  • A free property insurance policy of the mortgaged real estate at Armeec insurance company JSC
  • A free international Maestro or Visa Electron debit card
  • A possibility for the issuance of Visa “CCB-Bulgaria Air” credit card with a limit up to BGN 1500 with 0% interest rate for the first 6 months and without an annual fee for the first year upon loans to refinance the liabilities to another bank!

 * The conditions are valid for applications,submitted till 31.01.2017.

Additional information you may receive at green line 0800 11 400 (the conversation is free of charge for clients from the whole country) or at: 02/9266 500, as well as in all offices of Central Cooperative Bank .



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