Web Package

As its name suggests the WEB package includes bank products and services that you can use in the Internet. But it doesn’t mean a standard Internet banking.
The WEB package includes many more products and services part of which is also the Internet banking.
With the WEB package you can order a credit or debit card, apply for a credit, manage the parameters of your card, and subscribe also to different services such as SMS message and SMS Detective.
To use the CCB WEB package, all you need is to have a qualified electronic signature.


  • For the first time in Bulgaria you can use so many bank services in the Internet without visiting the bank
  • You alone choose the time for ordering a service regardless of the opening hours of the bank
  • You can receive accredit without visiting the bank at all – for a WEB credit you submit documents via the Internet, and if you wish the credit can be granted on a bank card that you can also order in the Internet
  • You can use the electronic signature for bank transactions as well as for submission of your annual tax declaration and other documents to the public administration

What WEB package includes

Application for credits and credit cards

  • Application for WEB Credit and other consumers’ credits
  • Application for a credit or debit card

Management of bank cards

  • Change of a credit limit for Visa or MasterCard
  • Change of amount for card transactions with your debit card
  • Blocking/unblocking of cards
  • Statement from debit/credit card

Order of additional services

CCB Online Internet banking

With the qualified electronic signature you can use also the CCB Internet banking which includes the following bank services:

  • Money transfers in BGN and other currency
  • Opening of accounts
  • Statements and movements on accounts
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currency
  • Verification of movements on cards

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