Description of CCB Online

Before you proceed to the registration, please get aware of the service and all the conveniences it offers.
See more about the service.

Contracts and forms

All contracts and forms you need to make bank transactions on the Internet you can download here.

Submission of an application for registration

  • Register with your qualified electronic signature, issued with all the necessary components, individualizing the author and titleholder of the signature /such as ID number, UIC, BULSTAT, etc./.
  • Visit once the nearest bank office.
  • To confirm your application for registration by a CCB officer, you need to present an ID card, if you are an individual, and if you are a legal entity – the package of documents in compliance with the requirements under Ordinance No. 3 on the non-cash payments and the national payment system, as well as to sign the sample application – statement that you can read and print from Contracts and forms.

Technical requirements

To be able to make bank transactions with your CCB bank account on the Internet you will need:

  • A PC with installed on it Windows XP SP3/Vista/7, Linux or Mac OS;
  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher version, Firefox 24 or higher, Chrome 22 or higher;
  • Internet access with a minimum line capacity of at least 56 kbps.

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