CCB Lite

CCB Lite for your smartphone or tablet

The service CCB Online Lite is a new type of mobile banking and is intended only for individuals, clients of the Bank. To access it, the client must have a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, connected to the Internet.

  • Performance of free book transfers between own accounts at CCB
  • Purchase and sale of foreign exchange between own accounts
  • Information about balances, movements and turnovers on accounts
  • Free bank card balances
  • Information about the FX rates
  • Deposit inquiry
  • Loans state

How to become a client of CCB Lite

  • The clients of CCB Plc, who have a profile for CCB online, may activate the service via CCB Online or visit an office of the Bank
  • All the remaining clients may visit a convenient office of the Bank


CCB uses 128-bit encrypted sessions in the communication between your browser and the server of CCB Lite, which are at the highest level of security.

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