Web Credit

WEB credit is a fast consumers’ credit designed for all who wish to receive easily and without formalities the needed funds.
  • You receive a credit within the frames of 2 hours only
  • You use a credit up to BGN 3,000 , without guarantors and without income certificates
  • There is a condition to have an income not less than the amount of the monthly installment to the credit plus BGN 160
  • You need to have an electronic signature
  • Maximum credit term is 2 years
  • Interest rate of 15.45%
  • A review fee for a loan application - BGN 20

The annual percentage rate  is to the amount of 17,38% for a loan to the amount of BGN 3000, a repayment term of 2 years, with an included one-off fee for reviewing the loan application and a floating interest rate 15,45% (analytical reference interest rate for consumer loans (ARIRcl) +a margin 15,05%). Total due amount BGN 3 536.75 and amount of the monthly installment BGN 146,10.

You can calculate alone the amount of the monthly installments using our CREDIT CALCULATOR for WEB Credit.

How to receive a WEB Credit:

  • You need to have a qualified electronic signature. If you still don’t have it you can receive it from any CCB office;
  • Fill in an application for WEB Credit, sign it with your electronic signature and send it to the bank at web@ccbank.bg;
  • Up to 2 hours the bank will inform you about its decision;
  • If you have been approved, you will receive a signed contract from the bank for your consumers’ credit;
  • Sign the contract with your electronic signature and send it back to web@ccbank.bg. The credit amount will be transferred to your bank account within the frames of the business day.

WEB Package

WEB Credit is included in the WEB Package, offered by CCB. With the WEB Package you can use various bank products and services in the Internet - order a credit or debit card, apply for a credit, manage the parameters of your card, and subscribe also to different services such as SMS message and SMS Detective.
To use the WEB Package you need only to have a qualified electronic signature.

Additional information about questions that interest you can be obtained on the green phone 0800 11 400 (call is free for customers from the whole country) or on the phone 02/9266 500, as well as in all offices of Central Cooperative Bank.

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