Today Loan


Nice moments, but not in the future! Do not postpone your desires! Realise them with the TODAY consumer loan.

The interest now starts from 5,7%! The Bank does not collect fees for utilization and administration of the loan!

You may obtain a TODAY loan with a low interest rate, if:

  • You have a good social security income;
  • You work under an employment contract with no term or you are a civil servant;
  • You have at least six month work experience at the present place of work;
  • You are a free-lancer and render services with personal labour for at least one year.

Loan parameters

  • The loan is extended to clients, who receive their salary or a part of it on account with CCB Plc
  • Loan amount - up to BGN 50 000 or the equivalent amount in foreign exchange
  • Loan term – up to 10 years

Interest conditions

  • Фиксиран лихвен процент за първата година в размер на 4,9%*

  • Annual interest rate to the amount of 6,9%
  • Annual percentage rate 6% for clients with social security income above BGN 1500

A possibility for additional rebates in the interest rates upon package sales:

  • 0,1% upon the sale of a loan and a credit card
  • 0,1% upon the sale of a loan and a debit card
  • 0,1% upon the presentation of a valid “Kasko” insurance policy of a vehicle, Protected home or Protected family with Armeec insurance company JSC
  • 0.2% for clients of CCB Sila pension fung

The rebates can be combined!


The annual percentage rate to the amount of 5,56% for a loan to the amount of BGN 15 000, a repayment term of 10 years, with included one-off fee for reviewing the loan application at a fixed interest rate 4,9% for the first year and a floating interest rate of 5,5% for the remaining period, ( analytical reference interest rate for consumer loans (ARIRcl) + margin) Total due amount BGN 19467.84, amount of the monthly installment BGN 158.37 for the first 12 installments and BGN 162.38 for the remaining period.

 See the methodology of CCB Plc (92,6 KB) for determining the BIR of consumer loans.


  • Standard collateral *
    • No guarantor up to BGN 15 000
    • One guarantor for loans from BGN 15 000 to BGN 30 000
    • Two guarantors for loans above BGN 30 000
  • For clients with social security income above BGN 800 *
    • No guarantor up to BGN 30 000
    • One guarantor for loans above BGN 30 000

The “high income” clients can enjoy additional preferences.

/in some cases,at the discretion of the Bank, a guarantor may be required or a codebtor for amounts, for which usually it is not required /.

Necessary documents that have to be presented:All the necessary documents will be provided on the spot in the office of CCB.

As a borrower you have to present:

  • An application for a loan according to a Bank sample

If you work under an employment contract

  • A declaration by the employer according to a Bank sample
  • A declaration for the social security income in the last 12 months– free wording /for the employees of SP, EOOD and OOD/

If you are a civil servant

  • A copy of the “Administrative act for appointment”
  • A declaration by the employer according to a Bank sample

If you are a free lancer

  • A certified tax return for a previous period
  • A copy of a valid document, which evidences the right for the performance of the respective type of activity.

Additional documents

  • a declaration, completed by the spouse

Your guarantor has to present:

  • An inquiry about the guarantor according to a Bank sample

How much does the loan cost?

  • A review fee for a loan application:
    • 1% of the amount of the approved loan with minimum amount BGN 50


  • *5050  (The charging of calls is according to the tariffs and policies of the mobile operator, used by the client. The calls to a short number may not be included in the package of free minutes, for which CCB does not bear responsibility)
  • 02/9266 500, as well as at any office of Central Cooperative Bank


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