Overdraft Doverie

You can enjoy Trust overdraft, if you are:

  • A civil servant;
  • An employee of a ministry, which concluded a contract with CCB Plc for transferring the employment remuneration of its employees on accounts with the Bank;
  • Employees of companies, correct and loyal clients of the Bank.

It is necessary to receive income from employment /official legal relationship and work for not less than 6 months with your present employer.

Your employment remuneration shall be transferred to an account with CCB Plc, whereas the overdraft is granted to the checking account with the Bank, on which you receive your salary.

Overdraft parameters

  • Amount – from BGN 5000 to BGN 20 000, but not more than 15 net work salaries
  • Maximum term – 1 year with a possibility for a renewal upon expiry of the initial term of the overdraft
  • Interest rate to the amount of 9%, for employees of corporate clients of the Bank the interest rate can be even lower
  • Collateral – guaranteeship of an individual
  • Fee for reviewing the application – BGN 20

The annual percentage rate is to the amount of 10,20%, if it is assumed that overdraft to the amount of BGN 5000 is utilized immediately and entirely, provided for a term of 1 year and is repaid in 12 equal monthly installments, with included one-off fee for reviewing the loan application and a floating interest rate 9% (anaytical reference interest rate for consumer loans (ARIRcl) + a margin 8.6%). Total due amount of BGN 5 267.08 and amount of the monthly installment BGN 437,26. See the methodology of CCB  for determining RIR for overdraft of individuals.

Necessary documents to be presented

All the necessary documents will be provided on the spot in the office of CCB.

An application for the granting of an overdraft loan (191,9 KB)
A declaration by the employer (105,3 KB)
An inquiry about the guarantor (189,3 KB)

Automatic payment of utility bills

Besides the free money on the checking account, with the overdraft we provide the possibility for automatic payment of your monthly bills for electricity, phone, district heating, etc. It is sufficient to state your desire to use the service Subscription for utility bills .


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