Fast pensioners loan Heat

For you pensioners – a special Heat loan with new, more attractive conditions and jubilee interest rate!

  • Only against an identity card
  • Fast granting

Parameters of the loan

  • Amount – from BGN 200 to BGN 1000  
  • Loan term – up to 12 months

Interest conditions*

  • The jubilee interest rate is 10%

A possibility for an additional rebate in the interest rate upon a package sale of a loan and a credit card.

The annual percentage rate is 14,75% for a loan of BGN 1000, a term of repayment 12 months, with included one-off loan management fee and floating interest rate 10% (analytical reference interest rate for consumer loans (ARIRcl) + a margin 9.6%). The total due amount is BGN 1077,99 and the amount of the monthly installment is BGN 87,92.

See the methodology of CCB Plc (92,6 KB) for determining the BIR of consumer loans.

You can calculate the amount of your monthly installment, using our LOAN CALCULATOR  for pensioners’ loan.


  • Transfer of a pension to an account with the Bank

Necessary documents, which you have to present

As a borrower you have to present: All the necessary documents will be provided on the spot in the office of CCB.

How much will the loan cost to you?

  • A review fee for a loan application – BGN 15

* The jubilee rebate is valid for applications, submitted till the end of June 2016.

Additional information you may receive at green line 0800 11 400 (the conversation is free of charge for clients from the whole country) or at: 02/9266 500, as well as in all offices of Central Cooperative Bank .


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