Premium Cards

Central Cooperative Bank offers to its most special clients Mastercard and Visa golden credit cards, as well as Visa Platinum platinum credit cards.

Have a look at the preference which you use with the premium cards of CCB and request your card at an office of the Bank 

                                Visa and Mastercard Gold credit cards

 You want a credit card, with which you enjoy an advantageous loan all over the world, shop on the Internet, use the account for other payments? Take your Mastercard or Visa credit card from Central Cooperative Bank.
 This is your precious card, because it provides you the prestige and self-confidence you deserve. Shopping is a real pleasure with this card. You enjoy a loan under advantageous conditions at any time all over the world.

You enjoy high limits, free insurance policy upon travelling abroad and have access to additional advantages, valid only for cardholders of premium cards.

Take your Mastercard and Visa Gold card with advantageous conditions:

  • An exceptionally long grace period– up to 60 days for all transactions with the card; 
  • A moderate interest rate outside the grace period - 12%* per annum in BGN, EUR and USD;
  • Annual fee of BGN 90;
  • No fee for issuance;
  • No fees for purchases – at the merchants in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as on the Internet;
  • Free SMS every month – with information about the card liabilities.

Freedom in the repayment of the amount used from your credit card: you can deposit the whole amount, which covers your liabilities till the end of the previous month, in order to use a grace period or deposit a minimum contribution .

As a holder of a golden or a platinum card you can take advantage of the special proposal of CCB – free one-year subscription for using the  mobb service.

Proposal for the holders of golden cards that travel often

By the end of the year each holder of a CCB golden card can use free of charge the Vitosha business lounge at the Sofia airport, whenever he/she travels. It is necessary to present your CCB golden card upon your visit at the lounge.

See the conditions of the CCB credit cards and select the credit card most appropriate for your needs.

** The annual percentage rate for a card with a credit limit of BGN 5000 and interest rate of 12% is 16.61% (upon annual fee of BGN 90). Upon the calculation of the annual percentage rate the grace period up to 60 days is not taken into consideration; this is assumed that the whole amount of the credit limit is utilized immediately and in full, it is granted for a term of one year and is repaid in 12equal monthly installments.

Special proposals from Visa and Mastercard

Register your Premium Mastercard (CCBMastercard Gold or World Mastercard) in the premium program of Mastercard and find precious opportunities.

The exclusive proposals are divided into 3 categories Restaurants, Health and beauty and Travel.

Have a look at the special catalogue with exclusive proposals (1,9 MB), of which you can take advantage with your Premium Mastercard card.

MasterCard provides Priceless Citiesonly to holders ofMasterCard. On the new Internet portal there are special offers and promotions in various towns all over the world, directed only to the holders of MasterCard. The proposals include rebates at hotels, restaurants, a possibility for the receipt of tickets and special preferences during various events and many other.

Take advantage of the new proposals upon payment with your Premium Visa card:

Thanks to your premium Visa card you can enjoy many rebates at the multitude of luxury hotels  all over the world.

Have a look at the other special offers at merchants in Bulgaria, abroad and on the Internet, of which you may take advantage with your Visa platinum or golden credit card. Learn more about the proposals at the Visa platform.

Visa Gold cobranded card

Together with Bulgaria Air, CCB offers the CCB-Bulgaria Air cobranded credit card, which along with all functionalities of the standard credit cards, gives you a possibility to benefit from additional advantages with your golden card:

  • 5% rebate from the full value of the airplane ticket.
  • 5% rebate from the price upon purchase of goods on board the planes.
  • Inclusion in the FLY MORE program for loyal passengers  of Bulgaria Air.
  • Free shipment of two pieces of luggage upon every flight with Bulgaria Air.*
  • An advantage upon confirmation of bookings and upon checking at airports.

* In order to take advantage of this possibility, it is necessary after the issuance of the airplane ticket to call at the Call Center of Bulgaria Air at: 02/40 20 400, or write to,  in order to rebook your ticket and specify the right of use of additional luggage.

** The preference for free transportation of two pieces of luggage is not valid, if the ticket is purchased according to the Tariff without registered luggage .

Please refer to all data on the conditions of the CCB-Bulgaria Air cobranded card and how to take advantage of the special rebates. With the golden cobranded credit card CCB-Bulgaria Air you enjoy all the remaining advantages, which Visa and Mastercard offer especially for the holders of premium cards.

All newly issued cobranded golden credit cards of CCB are with exceptionally low interest of 12% in BGN, EUR and USD.

Visa platinum credit card

In order to satisfy the needs of the most special clients of the bank, CCB offers the  Visa Platinum credit card.

Visa Platinum means class and a high social status and is issued only after special approval by the Bank.

Visa Platinum is a guarantee for first class servicing and special attitude all over the world. Using the card you enjoy exceptional privileges and rebates all over the world.

CCB offers to its clients holders of Visa platinum card, a package of special proposals and additional services.

The holders of Visa Platinum of CCB now can use free of charge the Vitosha business lounge at the Sofia Airport whenever he/she travels.

Learn more about Visa Platinum from CCB .

Information about the issuance of premium credit cards you may receive at every branch of Central Cooperative Bank, as well as at tel. 0800 11 400 and 02/9266 500.



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