Contactless World Debit MasterCard

WorldDebitMasterCard® – the charm of prestige


The World Debit MasterCard® card from Central Cooperative Bank is a symbol of prestige, convenience and achieved professional success. It combines suitably security, special attitude and additional privileges anywhere across the world. World Debit MasterCard® is always at your convenience and provides calmness, comfort and preferences, which you may enjoy during your holiday,  business trip and dynamic daily routine.

Central Cooperative Bank is the first bank in Bulgaria, which issues WorldDebitMasterCard cards. This is a card of exceptionally high class, at a greater level than the platinum cards. The card is a debit card, i.е. you use your funds or an overdraft on the account.


If you participate in our loyalty program CCB Club and have a golden club card, you may request your debit card World Debit MasterCard now. If you do not have a golden club card, but you cover the conditions for one (you enjoy a credit product from CCB at an amount over BGN 20 000 or you have account balances at the Bank for an amount above BGN 20 000), you may receive your club and debit card at the same time.

Request your WorldDebitMasterCardcard and receive it in a luxury pack, which contains a book with detailed information about the bonuses upon using the product and its advantages.

The World Debit MasterCard card is issued in BGN, EUR and USD. It has a level of the transaction limits, as with the credit cards MasterCard Gold and Visa Gold.

World Debit MasterCard has all the advantages of the Debit MasterCard cards. With this card you can pay your purchases at traders, shop on the Internet, book hotels and make other payments. All payments with WorldDebitMasterCardin Bulgaria and abroad are free of any charges.

You receive additional bonuses, as a free check of the card balance at an ATM and the free receipt of the card at a branch, other than the issuer of the card.

The WorldDebitMasterCard card is a contactless and the payment is made exceptionally quick and secure, only by approaching the card to the POS at the trade shops, bearing the logo                  . No matter whether you pay with the card in a contactless manner, in a contact manner or you pay on the Internet, regardless of whether the payment was made in the country or abroad, you do not pay a fee for the transaction.

With your World Debit MasterCard card you receive a personal attitude and a variety of advantages, as our important client. With the special proposal ofCentral Cooperative Bank and MasterCard to you we emphasize on the security, convenience and the privilege to be the cardholder of World Debit MasterCard® card from CCB. We would like to provide to you more wonderful possibilities for recreation, entertainment and deserved comfort, basking at the charm of your trip.

  • You enjoy preferences upon certain traders – you enjoy rebates upon purchases at some of the most prestigious fashion brands, for jewels, glasses, fitness devices, etc.
  • CCB Bonus – the shopping freaks have the possibility to take advantage of purchases at special prices at the trade partners, participating in CCB Bonus of Central Cooperative Bank. Inform the employee at the trade shop that you are the cardholder of a card, issued by CCB and take your rebate at the moment of the purchase.
  • You enjoy preferences upon travelling abroad, provided by world famous hotel chains, rent-a-car companies, places of entertainment, etc.
  • Additional privileges at the airports in Sofia – taking into consideration your way of life, the team of Central Cooperative Bank endeavors to provide to you the best experience during your trip. We know how important comfort and convenience are to you. For this reason, for the cardholders of World Debit MasterCard® of CCB and one companion of theirs there is a free access to the Vitosha and Preslav business lounges of Sofia Airport and Sky Lounge and Jet Lounge in Vienna.

In these modern and cozy rooms, you will be able to rest, while you wait for your flight. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere, as an elite guest, on the day of your trip, regardless with which air company you travel.

  • Additional bonuses in the loyalty program CCB Club  - the more you use your World Debit MasterCard®, the more you gain! Every month 0.5% of the amount of all your transactions, which you have made with your card at traders, accrue as bonus points on your golden CCB Club card. The accumulated points you can again use for purchases at our partners in the loyalty program.
  • Additional free luggage upon a flight with Bulgaria Air – use your golden card, which entitles you to twice more free luggage with every flight, where Bulgaria Air is the operating carrier. You have the possibility to use two pieces of luggage, each with a weight up to 23 kg.

In order to take advantage of this possibility, after the purchase of the airplane ticket call at the Call Center of Bulgaria Air at: 02/ 40 20 400 and say the number of your club card. Your ticket will be recertified and they will enter the right to additional free luggage.

  • No fees upon purchases with your World Debit  MasterCard card
  • A free insurance policy upon travelling abroad – you receive a free medical help and protection for over 20 types of insurance events. In order to activate your insurance policy, it is sufficient to use your card for a purchase in relation to the trip.
  • A free insurance policy that provides you additional security and at the moment is not offered with any other debit card in Bulgaria. It covers the following risks:
  • A high level of security – the security of your money is exceptionally important for us. The operations at POS terminals and ATMs have been protected via the chip of your card. We took care of the security of your payments on the Internet. We made a preliminary registration of your card for the E-Secure service, via which you enjoy an additional password upon Internet payments. The only thing you have to make is to complete your registration for E-Secure.
    • In case of a theft and/or a casual damage to an item, purchased with the card
    • If you find a better price for an item, purchased with the card
    • Upon a theft or loss of the card with your keys or documents
  • The card is contactless – you can pay exceptionally quick and secure, only by approaching the card to the POS device at the trade shops with the following logo:

Follow several quick and easy steps, which will visualize on the screen upon the first payment with the card on the Internet at a trader, registered for MasterCard Secure Code.

Additional information about our special cards World Debit MasterCard you may receive at: 0800 11 400 (free of charge for the whole country) or 02/ 9266 500, at any Bank branch, as well as at

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