"CCB - Office 1 Superstore" Card

Together with the Office 1 Superstore chain, Central Cooperative Bank offers to the customers the possibility to use a profitable loan and to obtain a discount when shopping.

Buy with your company or private CCB-Office 1 Card and win fabulous gifts and discounts in the Office 1 Superstore shops.

CCB-Office 1 Debit Cards for legal entities and for individuals

  • A free issuance

CCB-Office 1 Credit Cards for legal entities and for individuals

  • Credit up to BGN 11,000
  • Grace period - up to 45 days with all transactions
  • Low interests after the grace period - 14.75 % annual
  • Service fee - 25 BGN per year
  • All purchases are free of fees!
  • Each month you choose whether to repay your full debt at once or to use a grace period or to deposit a minimum rental equal to around 7 % of the credit limit
  • You purchase in more than 20,000 shops, fuel stations, bars, restaurants and other to the BORICA system in Bulgaria.

Discounts and bonuses

CCB- Office 1card holders can benefit from the following discounts:

  • Up to 30% discount in case of purchase in the Office 1 Superstore. Look for the items with a special sign
  • 15 % discount when using the business center services in the Office 1 Superstore shops
  • 50% discount from the fixing fees for furniture purchased from the Office 1 Superstore shops

Here you can check in which shops you can have a discount when shopping with the CCB-Office1 Card

And that's not all

Each purchase from the CCB and Office 1 Superstore partners, made with the CCB- Office 1 card brings youpoints, that you can exchange for gifts from the special catalogue.

How to request your CCB – Office 1 Card

If you want a CCB-Office 1 card, you only need to visit one of the CCB offices (Branch network) or to ask for the card in the Office 1 Superstore shops country wide.

Documents for individuals

Documents for legal entities

  • CCB-Office 1 card issuance application (206.0 KB)
  • A copy of the ID cards of the card holder and the account holder
  • Financial company documents in case of credit card application
  • Documents necessary to open a current account, unless when the company is registered in the Companies Register within the Registry Agency

Inform yourself easily and comfortably

About the movements and liabilities on your card:

  • by means of an SMS
  • calling the free number 0800 11 400
  • by means of a statement sent by post or on request in the bank
  • On the Internet by a statement in CCB Online
  • On the Internet by a statement in ePay.bg

For the card balance via E-asy info:

  • By phone
  • On the Internet
  • by means of an SMS

In case of a stolen or lost card

If you card has been stolen or lost you need to call CCB or Borica, in order to block it.
In CCB – night and day phone number:

  • 02/9266 523 and 02/9266 527
  • 0889 934 694

In BORICA – night and day (to block the card in BORICA you need to know its number) phone number 02/8705 149 and 02/9702 616.

For additional information:
Call phone number 0800 11 400 /the phone call is free for customers from the whole country/ or 02/9266 500, you can write to us to the address: cards@ccbank.bg

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