Western Union

CCB AD is a licensed for Bulgaria agent of the biggest and most ancient international system for fast money transfers – the American company Western Union. Western Union is the first company which has introduced the fax, telex and space communication satellite. Currently it is present with more than 220,000 offices in over 200 countries around the world, which makes the order and receiving of money transfer around the world with a lightening speed.

Why choose the CCB services:

  • We offer Western Union products and services in 190 of or branches and offices, in 116 populated places in the country.
  • All CCB AD locations are provided with a direct electronic access to the Western Union network which ensures a maximum speed for customers’ service. Inmost cases we guarantee the making and receiving of cash transfer within 10 minutes.
  • With us there are no superfluous formalities, we don’t require the existence of bank accounts for the sender as well as for the addressee of the transfer.

Who uses the Western Union service most often?

  • Workers abroad;
  • Students in other countries;
  • Travelers around the world – tourists or businessmen;
  • Those who have relatives abroad;
  • Those who wish to buy in the Internet.

What do you have to do, in order to send a money transfer via Western Union?

Pay a visit to the nearest CCB bank office and follow the procedure:

  • Fill in a special form with the following information:
    - amount sent in EUR or USD;
    - name and family name of the addressee;
    - your names, phone number and exact address.
  • CCB officer gives you a 10-digit control number. You have to report his number to the addressee on the phone or in another way you have selected. The transfer addressee can immediately receive the amount from any Western Union point in the country where he is. Together with the money transfer you can send a text message to the addressee.
  • To deposit the transfer amount and to pay the fees.
  • The maximum transfer amount in the Western Union system is USD 7,500.00 for a single transaction.
  • Fees for the transfer are always at the expense of the sender.
  • Information about all more than 200,000 Western Union points you can find in any CCB branch that offers this service.

To receive a money transfer via Western Union:

After being informed by the sender that you have a transfer, go to the most convenient for you CCB branch.

Fill in at the desk a special form with the following data:

  • Your name and family name;
  • Expected amount of the transfer as well as a specified number of data for the sender as including his name and family name;
  • City and country from where the transfer has been ordered and the phone number of the sender (if you know it);
  • also (it is not mandatory but it is recommendable) – 10-digit control number of the transfer that the sender has communicated to you.

The addressee of the transfer doesn’t pay fees for receiving it.

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