Book Transfers

Money transfers from an account

CCB has a modern information system, which makes possible payments between bank customers to be done immediately at the moment of transfer. No matter whether you transfer money on the recipient’s account in the same office or in another bank branch, the transaction takes only several minutes. You can make a transfer from a current or deposit account in CCB, in BGN or in a foreign currency.

Interbranch transfer without account

Even if you are not a CCB customer, you can transfer money to a person who doesn’t have an account in the bank either. This transfer is of the "postal transfer" type and with it you can profit from the advantages of our system for internal bank payments. Thanks to our well developed branch network of 140 offices in the whole country, you can send money to whom you want fast and within the frames of several minutes. All you need is to know the three names, personal No., address and data from the ID card - number, date of issue, where it was issued and by whom.

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