SMS Detective

SMS Detective is a new CCB service which gives you the best protection against fraud and misuse of you card. SMS Detective provides you with calm and security for your means, as well as for the overdraft or credit limit on your card.

Why is SMS Detective really a precious service?

Using your card you immediately receive an SMS at the moment of payment or cash withdrawal. You are protected at any time and everywhere - 24 hours round the clock, not only in Bulgaria but also abroad.
By SMS Detective you avoid worries about loosing your money if you card get stolen or counterfeited.
SMS Detective is a priceless assistant if you have a or . You obtain security while making transactions via the Internet, when traveling abroad or shopping in Bulgaria. SMS Detective is a useful service if you have a credit card Market or .
By means of SMS Detective you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone about:

  • Successful payments - date, hour, information about the cash dispenser or POS terminal at the trader’s, transaction type – payment of cash withdrawal, payment amount
  • Unsuccessful payments – reason for the lack of possibility to make the payment

How to use the SMS Detective

All you need is to have a mobile phone. To one mobile phone number you can receive messages for one or several credit or debit cards.
Activate your SMS Detective visiting once the bank and stating before the officer your wish to use the service. You can change the mobile phone number whenever you want.
Take advantage of the CCB AD service now! If you already have a card issued by CCB AD, visit the nearest and convenient to you bank office.
If you don’t have a CCB you can order it here.

How much does SMS Detective cost

SMS Detective insures security for your money at the price of one transaction with the card:

  • The operator fees- 0.20BGN for each SMS. Fees for the message are automatically deducted from a deposit specified by you in advance - 5, 10, 20 or 50 BGN. This deposit is deducted from you card at the moment of you registration in the bank.
  • Subscription fees:
    - 5 BGN annually for credit card MasterCard or Visa;
    - 2 BGN annually for a debit card

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