INFO line is an automatic phone service created especially for our IMPORTANT customers. You can enjoy, with this service, the comfort to access the information you need at any time in the twenty four hour period, saving at the same time your precious time.

What kind of information do you receive?

  • Always updated information concerning your accounts:
    “Disposable funds" on your registered accounts – that’s the amount with which you can make bank transactions in a bank office - transfers, withdrawals and others via the Internet banking system.
    "Detailed information" on an account selected by you:
    - balance;
    - amount of approved or disapproved overdraft;
    - blocked amount on cards and accounts;
    - date of last movement on the account.
    "Account statement" – for a date selected by you – you can choose dates only from the current year.
  • Information on main exchange rates – BNB central exchange rates and CCB listings
  • Additional information concerning the use of the system

What are the service parameters?

  • All bank customers can use the INFO line – individuals and legal entities
  • You can register without limitations accounts opened on your name in CCB and phone numbers (fixed, digit and mobile - М-Tel), from which you will use the service. Information security is additionally guaranteed by the use of a PIN code

How much will the use of this service cost you?

  • Service registration is free
  • Use of the service is free for individuals and for legal entities regardless of the number of registered accounts
  • Calling 0700 11411 costs the same as one city phone call, if you are a BTC subscriber or according to the tariff plan you use, if you are a М-Tel subscriber (this service is not accessible for Globul subscribers)

How to register for INFO line?

Print out the attached form for individuals (126.1 KB)  or legal entities (131.5 KB)  and visit the nearest bank office, in order to register for the service. You will receive a personal code (PIN) that you will enter when using the INFO line service after dialing phone number 0700 11411.
At the free number 0800 11 400 you can obtain additional information about INFO line.

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